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ADD: No.981,Xinghua Road,Jinbao Industrial Park, Jiangqiao Town,Jiading District, Shanghai City
TEL: 0086-21-59114016/60
FAX: 0086-21-59114051
Email: sales@sh-jyt.com
P.C.: 201812
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    Shanghai Jingyuantong Valve Pipeline Co.,Ltd. integrates scientific research, production, sale and service of copper pipes, plastic-coated copper pipes, copper valves, copper expansion joints, copper pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings and stainless steel expansion joints. Plant covers an area of 8,000 square meters, the company has 45 professionals and technicians of all specializations, and it strictly in accordance with ISO9001-2008; GB/T19001-2008 quality assurance system requirements. It has been awarded “shanghai AAA Credit Enterprise” for ten consecutive years. The company is devoted to production of high quality copper pipelines, stainless steel pipelines and refrigeration industry products of various varieties, its products are available in more than thirty center cities of China.

    In strict accordance with GB/T18033-2007, ASTMB 88M-99, and EN1057-96 standards, the company produces T2, TP2, and TU2 seamless copper water pipes and copper air pipes by adopting the international advanced technologies and large complete matched equipment. Its copper fittings are molded according to GB/T11618-2008, ASMEB16.22, and EN1254.1 standards. The company carries out GB/T8464-2008 standard to produce copper valves.

The company independently develops special reducing tees, elbows and eccentric joints to solve the problem of reducing of reducers after many times of use in the pipe system. It not only saves auxiliary materials and manual work for customers, but also avoids leakage caused by overmany welding points. The company produces copper valves and accurate threaded fittings by employing forging and stamping, hot extrusion and NC turning. The cutting-edge detection equipment  To solve the problems of rapid damage and much replacement caused by electrochemical corrosion and inconformity coefficient of thermal expansion of stainless steel copper expansion joints in the hot-water pipe system, the company produces copper expansion joints, which solves the problem of electrochemical corrosion, reduces the maintenance cost of pipelines, efficiently improves the quality of drinking water, and fills in the gaps at home.

Recently, the company has undertaken machining of machinery products in aviation, ships, medical treatment, automobiles, construction, solar and other new energy fields by taking advantage of professional precision-machining technologies of non-ferrous metal products, many new high-precision NC special machine tools and high-precision machinery processing center, accumulating the rich processing experience and winning the high reputation from the customers.

     For a long time, we always under the philosophy of  “Innovative, Excellent, Unique ,Superior”, continuously develops new products. The company has been adhering to the corporate tenet of “Create Credit by Quality, Win Customers by Service”, and the business philosophy “Quality First, Service First, Credit First”.

We are your reliable friend and  is your reliable product. Welcome to contact us.


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